Our Design Committee has focused its attention parks and plants this year.  We have been working with the National Park Service to improve the maintenance of the Q Street Park.  The turf has improved, and next year we hope to make it look even better.  Last year, we worked with the Heurich House Museum to improve Sonny Bono Park, which continues to look good.  Shevchenko Park was renovated two years ago, so maintaining that park is easy.  The Connecticut Avenue median continues to be a challenge:  shady spot, lack of water, and constant traffic.  But we are getting a handle on it, and it is being maintained three days a week and looking good.

We have a storefront grant program $3000 per retail business available for facade improvements, until the money is expended.   For a grant application, click here.

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Clean Team

Our Clean Team is composed of three men and women from the Ready to Work program run by Central Union Mission. This job training program teaches discipline, hard work, and comradery.  The Clean Team continues to weed our 200+ tree boxes, sweep the sidewalks, and clean the gutters five days a week from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  Through their labor, we are able to raise the level of maintenance in the four commercial corridors of Dupont Circle: Connecticut Avenue, P Street, 18th Street, and 17th Street.  

We partner with the Dupont Circle BID, which has expanded the Clean Team to seven days a week.  There are now six people sweeping P Street, Mass Ave, Connecticut Ave, 18th Street, and 17th Street.

The Connecticut Avenue median is being maintained by the Clean Team with a mix of annual for a pop of color and perennials.  Pink wave petunias were planted in the sun-soaked areas, and the flowers have never looked better!  Thanks to the Clean Team for watering three days a week, and weeding it regularly.

Ezra paul.JPG
petunia planting 2016.JPG