Once again, we have received a clean audit from an independent auditor.  This is the fifth year in a row that we have gotten a clean bill of health, thanks to our policies, sound board, treasurer, and auditor.    We also maintain five websites, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, e-newsletter, and paper newsletter to capture all the news and happenings around Dupont Circle.  


We want to acknowledge our many outstanding volunteers who make this organization run.  With our small budget and our big projects, we would not be able to do all of these things without our “staff” who are smart, talented, and hard working.  And special thanks to our Board of Directors who meet every month to provide strategic leadership, oversee the work plans and budget.


In 2003, a broad coalition of Dupont Circle stakeholders gathered together under the leadership of the Dupont Circle Merchants and Professionals Association (DC MAP) to develop a Main Streets program for Dupont Circle.  The Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets program is a volunteer-driven, commercial revitalization organization that serves to educate businesses about government relations, business issues, and historic preservation; promote businesses through events, branding, and advertising; and improve the value of commercial building owners through economic enhancement.

The Main Streets model for commercial revitalization uses a comprehensive four-point approach:  1) Economic Enhancement, 2) Design, 3) Promotion and 4) Organization.  This revitalization approach is active in over 1,800 communities nationwide.  It is a proven model reliant on a small staff and hundreds of community volunteers who simultaneously work on the four fronts to achieve success.