Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets

9 Dupont Circle, NW

Washington DC  20036

(202) 656-4487

Historic Dupont Circle Main Street is accredited by the Main Street America™ program.  Main Street America™ accredited programs meet a set of National Accreditation Standards of Performance as outlined by the National Main Street Center®.

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After attending a National Main Street Center conference, we re-launched a membership campaign, which has been growing.  Thank you for supporting Dupont Circle Main Streets.  For those who are not members, we rely on your support to do all the things we do, so your contribution really does make a difference!  For every membership $1 dollar raised, we are able to match it with $2 grant dollars!  So you get a big bang for your buck.  Thank you!


We also maintain our website, FaceBook page, Twitter, e-newsletter, and paper newsletter.  And of course, this report documents what our organization has done over the last year.

And, the board of directors had another retreat to discuss the priorities for HDCMS.  After meeting for two hours, everyone seemed to be in consensus that our vision was aligning.


In 2003, a broad coalition of Dupont Circle stakeholders gathered together under the leadership of the Dupont Circle Merchants and Professionals Association (DC MAP) to develop a Main Streets program for Dupont Circle.  The Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets program is a volunteer-driven, commercial revitalization organization that serves to educate businesses about government relations, business issues, and historic preservation; promote businesses through events, branding, and advertising; and improve the value of commercial building owners through economic enhancement.

The Main Streets model for commercial revitalization uses a comprehensive four point approach:  1) Economic Enhancement, 2) Design, 3) Promotion and 4) Organization.  This revitalization approach is active in over 1,800 communities nationwide.  It is a proven model reliant on a small staff and hundreds of community volunteers who simultaneously work on the four fronts to achieve success.