History of HDCMS

In 2003, a coalition of Dupont Circle stakeholders gathered together under the leadership of the Dupont Circle Merchants and Professionals Association to develop a Main Streets program for Dupont Circle. The Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets (HDCMS) program is a volunteer-based, commercial revitalization organization that serves to educate businesses about government relations, regulatory issues, and historic preservation; promote Dupont Circle through events, marketing, and advertising; and improve business conditions through economic enhancement.


The Main Streets model for commercial revitalization uses a committee-based Four-Point Approach:  1) Economic Enhancement, 2) Design, 3) Promotion, and 4) Organization. This revitalization approach is active in over 1,600 communities nationwide. The Main Street Four-Pont Approach is a model reliant on a small staff and hundreds of community volunteers who simultaneously work on the four fronts to achieve comprehensive success.


HDCMS is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors who represent the full spectrum of professional and community interests in the Dupont Circle Commercial Corridors. The full Board meets monthly to review the business of the organization. The committees also meet regularly to discuss the progress of their projects. The day-to-day activities of HDCMS are carried out through its committees, made up of active volunteers from all walks of life. The HDCMS board and committee activities are supported by the executive director, who keeps all the parts moving forward.


HDCMS’s financial support comes primarily from grants, contributions, events, and sponsorships. Our largest grant funder is the Department of Small and Local Business Development, launched by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, which emphasizes strengthening organizations engaged in revitalization activity, promoting and marketing business districts, and improving the physical appearance and economic health of neighborhood business districts.